Thursday, May 15, 2014

5 Steps to Visualizing your DREAM Life

If you are anything like us, you long for and dream of what we call the million dollar view.... the view of farm fields and beautiful countryside right out your door. We are working hard to make this dream a reality and we want to share with you the tools and strategies we have learned and are implementing to help us make this dream a reality.  Are you fired up yet?

GREAT! Let's get you started then.....

Our first tip and strategy.....


Yes, visualize! We are giving you the go ahead to let your mind wonder and daydream. How cool is that!?! 

Step #1: Find a quiet and comfortable spot. I like to lay outside and stare up at the clouds on a sunny day or visualize before I go to sleep at night, but you can go where ever your special place is at in your home. 

Step #2: Clear your mind! I know this can be a difficult task for most of us when we always seem to have so much on your minds; what's for dinner, work stress, the kids, etc. But this is a time for YOU to think about you and your dreams. Let those thoughts and worry go. 

Step #3: After you have cleared your mind with your thoughts, close your eyes and think about your dream home and  land. Be specific! What color is your home? What does the land look like? Do you have crops? If so, what kind? How many acres do you want? Is it on a dirt road or paved road? Long driveway or short? Porch or no porch? I think you get the idea. 
If you  are already living in the country, visualize your dream life or the dream projects you want to accomplish on your farm, land, or house. 

Step #4: Have FUN! Yes, this is meant to be an enjoyable experience, so let loose and enjoy. Have fun with the process and dreaming about your house and land. DREAM BIG! Don't let allow objections, negativity, worry or fear in your head. There is no room for them today. Think positively and have fun! 

Step #5: Draw or write about your vision. We keep a notebook for our drawings and writings. This notebook is just for our visions. This will help you to remember your vision which will help you stay focused and motivated. 

So I bet you are wondering why this is important? Visualizing your dreams helps you to be focused on what you are working towards. It's your final destination of this adventure you are embarking on and we need to always know where we are going in order to be successful. 
Visualizing your final destination helps you to stay motivated. When those bad days full of fear, worry, and doubt rear their ugly head, you can fight back with your visualizations. Being focused and positive is crucial to making your dream life a reality. YOU deserve this life, so get started visualizing today!

We recommend doing this at least once a week, visualizing with purpose and being present and mindful. This will help you stay even more focused. Set a day and time each week to do this. It's also a great idea to reflect on your week after your visualization. What did you accomplish this week that put you closer to making this a reality? What got in your way or put you further away from your dream life this week? Add this reflection to your notebook each week as well.  

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