Monday, May 12, 2014

Farm Life is our Dream Life

Ed and I decided there is a specific life we want to create for us and our future family... THE FARM LIFE!

Neither Ed nor I were raised on a farm... in fact we are both 2 generations removed from the farm. However, we both love the farm life. The hard work, the passion, harvesting, planting, barns, farmhouses, animals, home cooked meals, living off the land, mason jars, tractors, love, freedom, raising kids out in the country and teaching them the value of work are all the very things that we love about the farm life. But as you can imagine, starting a farm from scratch is VERY expensive and there won't be farm land handed down to us from our family. So we MUST work for our farm life and build it from the ground up.

And today is a perfect day to start living out that dream life! Why wait!?! Yes, we are currently living in our house in town and not in the dream house we picture in our heads. We have only about a half acre of yard with lots of neighbors close by which means we aren't miles away from neighbors separated by our acres and acres of precious crops and farmland like we envision. But why let that stop us!

We are starting to create a mini farm life here in town until we can buy the acreage with that big ol' farmhouse with my wrap around porch and big RED barns! Oh I just love wasting away time dreaming about our dream life! Anyways, back to creating our "mini farm life" here in town. We are working hard to get our trucks paid off, our mortgage paid off on this house, learning about farming, honing our garden/planting skills along with our cooking skills and crafting abilities, completing personal development, and learning how to can and preserve foods from our mentors, so when we are ready to actually start our farm we will be READY to roll!

Working for our dreams is tough... It's not easy! Sometimes we want to give up because it's easier, but giving up won't create that dream life and the ability to live out our dreams. We have to be lazer focused, determined, and work hard each and every day. As they say.... "All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds we sow today!"

So what's stopping you from building your dream life? What are you waiting for? Stop waiting/wishing and start working towards your dreams!

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