Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Corn Bins and Barn Wood

What  makes for the best weekend ever?

 A fallen barn, wooden corn bins, trucks and Ed makes for the best weekend EVER! 

We got the go ahead to head over to a family friend's barn and dig through what was left of their fallen barn. Say What!?! We get to spend our Saturday going through old barn wood.  YES!!!!

This was definitely the highlight of my weekend. The barn was originally taken down about 4 or 5 years ago. The people collected the wood they wanted and left. They were suppose to clean up the rest of the wood and didn't, but hey, this only meant there would be wood for Ed and I to go through years later.  So grateful they didn't take it all, otherwise we wouldn't have the opportunity too.

Lots of wood was already rotted and was no good, but we pulled out 1 truck load of wood that we can use for our upcoming projects. We also found an old wooden box and still have a pile waiting for us to pick up. Each piece was hand selected by us and will be used for some really neat projects!

Not only did we get to go through the barn wood, but we also were able to take down the corn bin. The corn had amazingly perfect weathered wood on it. The whole corn bin was able to be salvaged and used later, so we took it down and added the wood to our pile. I can't wait to see how this wood will be used in our projects. It is going to look AMAZING! :)

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